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NATURAL BEAUTY: Class Note: SA desitinations

Layout designed by Michelle van Wyk for Scrap Collections using Natural Beauty Range.


·         1 x 002/003/004/005/006             

·         2 x Dark Brown
·         1 x Green
·         4 x Brads
·         15cm x 20cm  strip of Foam Core              

·         10.5cm x 18.5cm Portrait
·         2 x Jumbo Portrait
·         5cm x 5cm (x7)



CARDSTOCK 1 (Dark Brown)
Background:  OPTIONAL: Cut 0.5cm off the right side ONLY of both the sheets so the WIDTH is 30cm.  (This just helps to make your page easier to slide into your page protector.) Height remains 30.5cm.

 CARDSTOCK 2 (Green)
·         9cm x 13cm (x2) photo mat
·         5.5 x 5.5cm (x7) photo mat

PATTERN PAPER 1:   003 (Dark Blue)
· x 29cm (x1)
·         11.5cm x 19.5cm (x1) photo mat
·         8cm x 4cm (Chevron)
·         1cm x 29cm strip
·         2 x Broken Corners
PATTERN PAPER 2:  002 (Bird)

Left Side
·         13cm x 29cm (x1)  - keep in Bird
·         16cm x 21cm (x1)

 PATTERN PAPER 3:  005 (Orange)
·         Neatly fussy-cut out your Flowers from the left edge (raise on foam dots)
·         13cm x 29cm (x1)
·         1 x chevron strip of 4cm x 30.5cm
·         2 x Broken Corners
PATTERN PAPER 4:  004 (Stripes)
·         15cm x 29cm (x1)
·         1 x chevron strip of 4cm x 30.5cm
·         1 x small chevron strip of 4cm x 8cm

 PATTERN PAPER 5:  006 (Words)
·         Cut out Proudly / big AFRICA and SA Destinations


Step 1:  Using your small  8cm x 4cm strips (do exactly the same for your 30.5cm x 3cm strips just continue along length)
Step 2:  From left side working down you measure at 4cm intervals starting at 2cm / 6cm / 10cm, etc…. Right Side you start at 4cm / 8cm / 12cm etc …  (continue measuring along the length for your 30.5cm strips)
Step 3:  Cut your lines stopping at your horizontal line
Step 4:  Fold back your first piece of paper to line up with your horizontal line
Step 5:  Fold back the second flap so that this too lines up with the horizontal line
Step 6:  continue folding all the way along the top of the Chevron
Step 7:  Now start along the bottom edge and do the same
Step 8: This is the finished BACK of your chevron
Step 9:  Turn it over to see the front, neat and perfectly formed Chevron.  Glue down the loose pieces at the back and Ink the front.  Option is to use a sewing machine or hand stitch all the way along the middle.


Step 1: Cut a 4cm piece of paper
Step 2:  Cut in half diagonally
Step 3:  Cut out small middle piece.. and you have a “broken” corner.

INSTRUCTIONS:   (NB:  place all the elements BEFORE you stick anything to make sure it all fits neatly).

1.       Using your 4 main pattern pieces that you cut out adhere as follows:

2.       Adhere your two 9cm x 13cm Green Photo mats about 1.5cm from left edge of page.

3.       Next to this adhere your two long Chevron strips that you have glued down and inked.

4.       You can now adhere your raised flowers at an angle to your printed flower strip.

5.       Add AFRICA to a scrap of Orange paper and adhere ontop of your Africa word.

6.       Cut out a flag from paper 006 and adhere to a toothpick. Tuck into your Africa word.

7.       Add two broken corners to the top left and right of page


8.       Adhere 4 of your 5.5cm photo mats to the top left of layout (3 down / 1 across) about 0.5cm from edge of orange page (refer example).

9.       Using your remaining 2 small chevron strips, adhere these to the bottom left edge of this page about 3cm from bottom edge and flush to the left of the page.

10.   Adhere your remaining 3 photo mats to the bottom right of layout (3 down) also about 0.5cm from edge of striped paper.

11.   Main Photo Mat:

Adhere your big blue photo mat to the left side of your Beige 002 paper (about 0.5cm gap at top, bottom and left edge).  Raise the entire piece of 002 paper onto Foamcore.  Using your SA Destinations quote that you cut out, cut a small slit at top and bottom of word.  Slip your 1cm strip of blue paper through this and adhere to layout so that it is even with your small green photo mats.  (refer example).  Use your 4 brads to hold it down once positioned.

12.   Finish off page by adding two more broken corners to the top left and bottom right of page.

13.   Add your photos and any extra words / quotes from the 006 sheet.

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NATURAL BEAUTY: layout share (Sharon Coetzer)

This fantastic layout was created by our DT member Sharon Coetzer using Natural Beauty papers and the RM African Dream collection laser cuts.

Remember these products are all available at your local Scrapbook store, if not, ask the owner to contact Lorna to order them in at

Close ups of elements used: