Sunday, July 21, 2013



SCRAP COLLECTIONS  - Beaches Collection
  • 1 x 001 (Orange Dots)
  • 1 x 002 (Blue Swirls)
  • 1 x 003 (Stripes)
  • 2 x 004 (Blue)
  • 1 x 006 (Word strips)

  • 1 x Light Orange
  • 1 ½ Light Brown

  • Printed template
  • 4 x Toothpicks
  • 30cm Twine
  • 10cm Blue Ribbon
  • 1x Title diecut   

  • 1 x A5 Photo (14.5cm x 19.5cm Portrait)
  • 2 x Jumbo Landscape Cropped ( 9cm x 13cm)
  • 1 x Jumbo Portrait (10x15cm)

CUTTING GUIDE (measurements width x height)
  • 2 x Background.  (flip pages so writing is at the bottom on left page and on the right edge on right page).  Remember to cut 0.5cm off right edge so that your page is easier to insert into your album.

PATTERN PAPER 001 (Orange Dots)
  • 30.5cm x 25cm (x1)

PATTERN PAPER 002 (Blue Swirls)
  • Use for sunburst

PATTERN 006 (Word strips)
  • Cut out Beach Quote /  4 x Flags and 7 x banners              

  • 30.5cm x 5cm (x1) – deckle bottom edge
  • Remainder use for sunburst

CARDSTOCK 1 (Orange)
  • 2 x circles (10cm diameter)
  • Mat your 7 pennant banners
  • Mat your “Beach Rules”

CARDSTOCK 2 (Light Brown)
  • 15.5 cm x 20.5cm (x1)
  • 15cm x 10cm  (x2)
  • 11cm x 16cm  (x1)
  • 8cm x 14cm Journal tag (punch holes along top and tear)

  • Use 2 x blue as your background, remember that the wording should go bottom on left sheet and right on the right page. 
  • Adhere your pages together lightly at the back so you have one big layout to work on .. we will cut through later.

  • SUN:
  • Using a Scrap A4 paper, measure 6cm from top and 17cm from left edge. Draw a small circle to mark the point. Now using your ruler, draw Sunshine Rays from this centre point to the end of the sheet.  You should have 6 rays when you are finished (as per template below). 
  • Number each piece and then cut them out individually.
  • Use these as templates to cut out your Swirl and stripe Sunrays accordingly.  (alternate between patterns)
  • Adhere your rays of sun to the top left corner of your background paper  (leave a small gap between rays as per above example)
  • When you are finished adhering them, add your first orange circle (sun) over the centre point.

  • Using your Orange Dot paper, adhere this so it extends over both pages, measuring 15cm from left and 5cm from top of layout.
  • Adhere your 5cm Stripe paper (deckled edge facing down) on top of this along bottom edge, so it is about 17cm from left and ½ cm from bottom edge of layout.
  • Mat your A5 photo onto the Brown Photo mat and adhere to left side of layout 5cm from top and 13cm from right edge.
  • Mat your 2 landscape photos onto the Brown Photo mats and adhere to the right of this photo.
  • Finally, mat your final portrait photo and adhere this the right of the above two mats (as per example) – BEFORE you stick this mat down, take your second Orange Circle and adhere beneath the bottom right of photo so it just peeks out.
  • Add your quote “if you are not barefoot…” above this photo mat.
  • Add your Quote strip along bottom of layout to extend over both pages.

  • Using your 7 banners triangles, mat them onto your remaining Orange cardstock (I used a deckle scissors around the edges) and make two holes along top of each.
  • Thread your rope through tops of them, keeping 4 together and the other 3 together as two separate banners. 
  • Adhere these with foam tape along top and right of layout.
  • Adhere your flags to the toothpicks and add ribbon to two of them.  Adhere to bottom right of layout next to your Quote Strip.
  • Finish off layout by cutting a piece of your Blue Swirl paper (about 9cm x 4cm) – cut so you can see waves.  Adhere this to bottom left of layout.  Add your matted Beach Rules quote, your Brown Journal tag (add Relax.. your’e on beach time quote to top of this tag),  and your remaining two flags and some tickets to complete the cluster.
  • Add your Lasercut Title, cut through your layout to create two separate pages and you are done !


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LAYOUT SHARE: Boy Story Layouts by Samantha Botha

Check out these two fantastic layouts as created using the BOY STORY collection by scrapper Samantha Botha.

Samantha has made use of the papers so well !    What a fun way to show off all the papers with those fantastic tags along the bottom ! 

Fun and funky banners across the top of the layout and really creative use of the left over bracket for the corners !

Love the title work too !

Thanks Samantha for sharing your work with us !

Monday, July 1, 2013


Memories, laughter, and loads of sunshine..... our wish to you, no matter what the weather! Enjoy scrapping your happy memories with these 6 papers from our Hello Sunshine collection. A fun and whimsical range in soft blue, grey, sun-kissed mustard and a dash of red.

View our new range of 3D lasercuts.. to add some amazing dimension to your layouts

  • All stock sold in packs of 10.
  • Available in white, red, clay ( HSL05, HSL 09 ,ladybirds have only black wings)

Here is some inspiration for you by Michelle van Wyk:

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