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PURE BLISS: Class Notes By Michelle van Wyk

Layout created by Michelle van Wyk

PATTERN PAPER:SCRAP COLLECTIONS  - Pure Bliss1 x 001 (green print)1 x 002 (Pink stripe)½ x 004 (Green stripe)1 x 006 (blue print)

CARDSTOCKx Light Blue background
1 ½  x Light Pink1 x Light Green

OTHER:Printed Template on Beige(email for the template)Simple Pleasures Diecut + 3 DragonfliesRibbons:  -   1mt Green, 1mt Pink, 1mt Blue, 1mt White Net
2 x 10 cm strips of laceSquare of foam to raise flower element


Pink Liquid Pearls for accents

CUTTING GUIDE (measurements width x height)


CARDSTOCK BLUE2 x Background - Remember to cut 0.5cm off right edge so that your page is easier to insert into your album.

PATTERN PAPER 001 (Green Print)Neatly cut out the flower element on bottom right.15.5cm x 14cm (x1) – Deckle Right edge (take from top left of page to include the dragonfly)13cm x 16cm (x1)

PATTERN PAPER 006 (Blue Print)4.5cm x 29cm (x1) take from left of page to include the Bee (deckle the right edge)8cm x 29cm (x1)  - deckle the left edge6cm x 6cm (x2)

CARDSTOCK GREEN:20cm x 15cm (x1) folder9cm x 10cm (x1) photo mat5cm x 6cm (x1) photo mat6cm x 6cm (x2) photo mat

PATTERN PAPER 2 (Pink Stripes)
10cm x 29cm (x1)19cm x 13cm (x1)3cm x 14cm (x1) deckle right edge

PATTERN PAPER 4 (Green Stripe)3cm x 29cm (Deckle one edge)  (x2)6cm x 7cm (x1)

CARDSTOCK PINK:20cm x 15cm (x2) folder10cm x 15cm (x1) photo mat10cm x 10cm (x1) photo mat5.5cm x 5.5cm (x1) mat6.2cm x 15cm (x2) folder inner


Green Deckle strip to the far left of page (deckle to face left)
Starting on the far right of page, adhere your Green deckle strip to the far right of the page (deckle to face right)

NB:  Place all papers BEFORE you stick them down to make sure you have even gaps in-between.

Left Page:

Overlapping this, adhere your 8cm Blue Print paper (deckle to face left)
To the bottom right adhere your 19cm x 13cm pink stripe paper so they all align
To the top right of page adhere your quote (it is best to be honest…) and below this adhere your 6cm x 7cm Green stripe Photo mat.
Add your long quote “simple pleasure..” to your pink strip as per example.

Right Page:

Overlapping this, adhere your 4.5cm Blue Print paper (deckle to face left – bee should be at top of strip)
Now you can adhere your 10cm x 29cm of Pink Stripe paper next to this 
Your 13cm x 16cm piece of Green print paper should then fit into the gap next to this along the bottom edge. To the bottom edge of this  you can add your Blue Quote which is raised on foam tape.
You can then add your two small Blue print squares to top of layout as per example and add the small printed quote on top of the one.



Once your base has been stuck down, you can now adhere your 9cm x 10cm green photo mat to the bottom left of LEFT page.  Add your white lace along bottom.

Add your small green photo mat 5cm x 6cm to your Green Striped paper.

Finally add your 10cm x 15cm Pink photo mat under your long quote.

You will add your magic booklet to the open gap (details below on how to assemble your booklet)

Creating your Floral Accent:

Using a Paper Flower Shaping Tool, (or back of any fat round pen shaped object, e.g. Back of a smooth round pen, etc.) Place your Flower Cutout onto a sponge shaping mat (or the back of a mouse pad works well) and gently make circles in the back of the image so that your paper curls upward, and it creates a raised effect on the front.  (stay away from the edges).

Be careful to not tear through your paper.   Once your entire image has been “raised” you can adhere this about 4cm from the right edge of your layout.  Use the foam provided to “raise” the image.

You can now punch a row of holes along the straight edge of the image and along your blue paper at about 1.5cm intervals.  Using your ribbons, thread these alternating down the length. (refer image above)

Add your two square green photo mats to the top left of layout.

Add the Pink lace to your 10cm x 10cm Pink photo mat and add to the bottom left of layout just above your raised quote.

Add your two Green Square photo mats to the top left of layout .  Add a quote to the bottom one.

Add the remaining small Pink photo mat at an angle over the top left blue print mat.  Add a dragonfly to this.


This is a fantasic booklet that has space for over 24 small photos and more jumbos ! 

For the BOOK you have cut 3 pieces out of cardstock (pink cover, green inner and pink backpage) at  15x20cm.  Score at 2,5cm along left edge on all these pieces.     You have also cut 2 smaller strips of Pink measuring 6.2cm x 15cm.Before you do anything more – take YOUR GREEN INNER and from the scored mark measure another 2,5cm (score here).  From that line measure 6,5cm (score here). 

 From this line another 6,5cm (score again).  Use a bone folder to really score well. Now down the strip (that measures 6,5cm) lightly draw a line from left to right (across both of these 6,5cm strips) at 5cm increments.  Using a craft knife cut along the 13cm lines to create a slit.   Just to recap that there are two slits now.  Take the above two PINK smaller strips and weave them through these slits.  One goes through the top and the other goes through the back.  This is how to create the awesome magic book.  The photos that go onto these little photo spots measure 4,5x6cm.  

You will need 24 in total. Now place all three pieces of your booklet together (Pink Cover, Green inner with slits, and Pink Back page) and adhere to your layout along the LEFT edge only.  (you will have 3 pages) DO NOT STICK DOWN THE PINK BACK PAGE FLAT.. only the left 2.5cm edge.  

You can add more photos behind the booklet then.Once this is stuck flat, you can punch 2 rows of holes along the 2.5cm left edge and thread your ribbons again. (ribbons will go through through the back of the layout)  Decorate front of booklet with your Pink Deckled Strip (deckle to face right edge) and your Green Print Paper with the small dragonfly on (deckle to face right edge).

Add your TITLE and your two dragonflies. Decorate your booklet with all the leftover photos and paper.  Great to use all those photos that just aren’t focal material.  

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