Wednesday, October 30, 2013



2 x  002 (dots)
1 x 003 (flowers)
1 x 004 (Dress form)
1 x 005 (Stripe)
2 x 006 (Plaid) 

1 x black                     

2 x Frames
1 x Medium Dress Form

9 x small black roses (Wilson & McClaghlan)
1 mt Black Lace
2 x White Doileys         

5cm x 6.5cm (x2)
6.5cm x 14cm (x1)
7.5cm x 7.5cm (x2)
9.5cm x 14.5cm (x1)

CUTTING GUIDE (measurements width x height)

BACKGROUND:  006 (Plaid)
c  Background.   Remember to cut 0.5cm off right edge so that your page is easier to insert into your album. 

PATTERN 002 (dots)
c  26cm width  x 29cm (x1)  Left Page
c  27cm width x 29cm (x1) Right Page

PATTERN PAPER 003 (Flowers)
c  Cut the Quote from the top of the sheet neatly
c  16cm x 24cm (x1) distress edges
c  3 x Butterflies
PATTERN PAPER 004  (Dress Form)
c  14.5cm x 22.5cm (finished Scalloped Edge measurement).. If using a border punch, remember to add an extra 0,5cm to this measurement before you punch the edges.
c  9.5 cm x 15cm  (x1)  Scallop the left edge and sew the right edge

PATTERN PAPER 005 (Stripe)
c  Cut the 2cm strip off the edge with the Lace border – keep some of the stripe.
c  1.5cm x 30.5cm (scallop one long edge)

c  8cm x 8cm (x2)
c  10cm x 15.5cm (x2)


  1. Use your PLAID papers for your background.
  2. Adhere your 2cm STRIPE/LACE piece to the far left of layout so it is about 2mm from left edge.  Lace faces left.
  3. Adhere your 1,5cm STRIPED scalloped piece along the far right of layout (scallop to face to the right).  Directly next to this adhere your BLACK QUOTE STRIP that you cut. 

  1. Distress your two PINK DOT papers along top and bottom edges to give a nice rough edge.
  2. Then distress the left edge of the 26cm width piece for your left page and the Right edge of the 27cm width piece for your right page.   Refer example.  You need a nice distressed border all the way around.  MIDDLES DO NOT GET DISTRESSED !

  1. Flower / Doiley torn sections. 
·         Use a spritz of water to soften the small section of paper you will be scrunching. (Scrunch as per my layout placement .. bottom left and top left of my LEFT page and bottom right of my RIGHT page).               
·         Once the paper is damp scrunch it inward to create “V”.  Adhere a ½ doily behind.
·         Sew with a sewing machine in BLACK, all the way around the outside of both your DOT papers (not the middles).  Once sewn you can adhere these to your background PLAID paper so that the STRAIGHT middle pieces align exactly to the centre and that you have an even top and bottom edge.

  1. Stick your two 8cm x 8cm BLACK photo  mats to the bottom right of layout next to each other (about 0,5cm gaps from middle of layout and edge of sewing).
  2. Stick your  9,5cm x 15cm Pink DRESS FORM paper to the top of your BLACK photo mat (scallops to face left).
  3. Using the 8cm photo mats as a guide, line up this photo mat.  Adhere your Medium Dress form to the right of this (I raised mine).  Add a small piece of your BLACK Ruler beneath (as per above diagram)
  4. Adhere your two BLACK TAGS together with some Black Lace.  Leave about 3cm width between them.
  5. Adhere these tags to the far left of your Inner Background pieces to the far left of layout.
  6. Finish off by adding some BLACK ROSES to the torn clusters.

  1. Add your main TITLE to the far left of layout about 0,5cm from middle edge o layout.
  2. Create your main photo mat by distressing your 16cm x 24cm FLOWER paper and adhering this to the top right of layout, just inside your sewing (about a 1 cm from top edge)
  3. Using your 14,5cm x 22,5cm Scalloped edged DRESS FORM paper, use a sewing machine again to double stitch a row around the outside edge.
  4. Once done, take top right corner and crunch it inwards .  Cut a small slit at the base of this crease and slide a piece of BLACK lace through and around to tie a knot to hold the crunched section together.  Stick to the FLOWER paper top right.   Once done, you can then stick a piece of Doiley behind to the top right and some flowers.
  5. Add the remainder of your RULER below this photo mat to the bottom of the layout and another doily and flower cluster to your final “V” in the bottom right of the layout.
(Original design and template by Shirls Cards -

Using the template provided, cut three pieces of your patter paper big enough for the 2 x small butterflies and 1 x medium butterfly.
1.       Trace and cut out your template onto these three papers (not the middle piece)
2.       Score your pattern paper at approx. 3mm intervals as per example
3.       Now replace template onto your scored paper and cut out middle piece
4.       Pleat your papers neatly along your scored lines, and once done squeeze centre to find your middle
5.       This is the tricky part, while holding it closed, tie a ribbon / string, etc around it to secure together.  Leave tied bits to the top (the big half) to represent its antenna
6.       Once securely tied, you can now open up the pleated wings until you are happy with the butterfly.  Remember to ink.

(enlarge template to A4)

Monday, October 7, 2013

SCRAPOLOGY collection

You must love the art of scrapbooking, or you would probably not be reading this. This collection is dedicated to this wonderful paper craft and everything we love about it.

Pink, citrus-green, white, grey and black create this bold, fun and vibrant mix of papers. There are 5 patterned papers which can be used for many themes besides scrapbooking and a sixth paper filled with ready to cut embellishments, quotes and journal blocks, completes the range.

Some inspiration for you !