Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Have you seen our fantastic Birthday Calender yet?  what a fun gift . and perfect to use up all those extra pieces of paper you have lying around.

This calendar created by Lisa Myburg from MEMORY SHED uses our new DAY BY DAY collection of papers..

Click on image to view closely:

Ask your local Scrapbook Shop to get yours today

Monday, December 2, 2013


Original Layout by Michelle van Wyk 

          1 x 003 (Dot)
          1 x 004 (Stripe)
          1 x 005 (Time Is)
          2 x 006 (Dark Pink)      

          1 x Dark Brown
          1 x Dark Pink

          1 x A5 portrait
          3 x Jumbo portrait cropped    RM DESIGNS LASERCUTS:
          1 x Birds on a Wire
          1 x Camera Corner Cluster
          1 x 3D clock
          1 x Brown Corner
          1 x Title

          2 x Doiley
          2 x Feathers
          2 x Pink Flowers and 2 x brown flowers

          Script Stamp
          Clock Stamp  (Or RM clock lasercuts!)
          Scallop Border Punch

CUTTING GUIDE (measurements width x height)
PATTERN 006 (Background)
          Optional:  Cut 0,5cm from right edge of each sheet to make it easier to slide your pages into your album.  Height remains at 30,5cm.
          Ink all the way around both pages (not the middles as this should look like “ONE” flowing layout).

PATTERN PAPER 005  ( Time Is )
          Cut out the wording TIME IS.. 9cm wide x 13cm deep.  Create a Banner by cutting a “V” out the bottom edge.
          6cm x 15cm tag (x1)  (Stamp with clock stamp)
          7cm x 10cm (x2) and 7cm x 6cm (x1)– Stamp with script and punch holes along top and tear to resemble torn notepaper
          Stamp about 4-6 clocks and cut out to use as extra embellishments.
          7,5cm x 7,5cm (x1) Stamp with Script stamp and then roll so script is outside.  Tie with ribbon / tulle PATTERN PAPER 003 (Dot)
          15cm x 30,5cm (x2)
PATTERN PAPER 004  (Stripe )
          2cm x 30,5cm (x2) scallop long edge of both – end measurement is 1,5cm
          2cm x 9cm (x1) scallop bottom long edge
          2 x Tag toppers of 3cm x 6cm.
          22cm x 17cm (x1)
          9cm x 13,5cm (x3)
          2 x Hearts
          ½ cm x 30,5cm (x2)
          1cm x 30,5cm (x2)
          23cm x 18cm (x1)
          6cm x 15cm tag (x1)
          3cm x 9cm (scallop bottom long edge)

1.         Using a script stamp of your choice, firstly mask the elements you wish to stamp and emboss on your diecuts.  I only embossed some of the birds and elements.  I used washi tape to mask off the parts I didn’t want to stamp.

2.         Stamp using your Script Stamp with an EMBOSSING pad.  Immediately apply COPPER embossing powder and set with a heat gun.

3.         Using your two PINK papers, ink all the way around (leaving middles.
4.         Adhere your 1,5cm scalloped STRIPE strips 5,5cm horizontally from top edge of page along both pages so scallops face the top edge.
5.         Directly below this adhere your two 15cm DOT papers.  Where these papers join, adhere your ½ cm piece of Brown Cardstock to hide the seam.
6.         Directly below your DOT paper,  adhere your 1cm BROWN strips along both pages.

7.         Adhere one of your 9cm x 13,5cm PINK photo mats to the far left along your DOT strip.  NOTE:  this is a pocket, so only put THIN tape on the sides and bottom.  Using your two tags that you cut out, Fold your STRIPE tag toppers in half and adhere to the top with brads and insert into pocket. Use for journaling or extra photos.
8.         Mat your big PINK photo mat onto the big BROWN photo mat and adhere to the bottom right of page (about 2mm right and bottom edge)
 9.        Now, using your 9cm x 13cm  TIME IS piece of paper, cut a “V” from the bottom edge. Adhere this to the very top right edge of your Left Page.   To the top edge of this adhere your STRIPE and BROWN 9cm scalloped pieces.
10.        Cut your BIRDS ON A WIRE lasercut just past the 3rd bird.  Adhere this to the left of your TIME IS banner.


11.        First put down a Doiley to the bottom left of your big photo mat.  To the left of this at an angle adhere one of the big TORN NOTEPAPER pieces.  Add your BIRD CLUSTER to the bottom left corner of your photo mat (it should extend about 4cm off the photo mat to the left).
12.        Now add your two flowers and tuck your two feathers out the top.
13.        To the top of your flower adhere your rolled up Script paper.
14.        Adhere some cut out clocks to the bottom left corner as per example.  (I punched out clock hands to add extra dimension to my stamped clock images).

15.        Add the remaining half of your BIRDS ON A WIRE laser along top edge of page so it flows with left page.
16.        Adhere your two remaining PINK photo mats spaced evenly to the left of the DOT strip.  To the top right of the second one tuck your doily underneath before you stick it down.
17.        Add a brown BROKEN CORNER to the top left of your first photo mat on pop dots.

 18.       To the top right corner, next to your photo mats adhere another two flowers (I folded the bottom big pink flower in half so it didn’t hide my photo) and then add a stamped out clock to the top)   To the right of this, adhere your 3D clock laser just above the Bird image on the DOT paper.  I used left over stamped clock piece to the right of this clock.

 19.       To the bottom left of this side, adhere your remaining two TORN SCRIPT papers at an angle, as per example.  To the top of this adhere your MAIN TITLE lasercut on pop dots.   It will extend over your 1cm BROWN strip.
20.        I finished off with a stamped out clock and some hearts that I freehand cut also raised on pop dots.

Adhere your photos and sit back and admire your handiwork ! 

I hope you have enjoyed this layout.  You can view more of my layouts on my blog:

Hugs, Mich

DAY BY DAY Collection

This new collection is suitable for all types of photos.  A versatile range that can be used all year long.

and the matching lasers.


We have a fun project for December this year and have decided to give you a sneak preview so that you can place orders in advance just in case you’re planning your kits and classes for the December holidays.

Our new Birthday Calendar is a fun project to spend time on during the holidays. It’s also a fabulous gift you can give to someone who enjoys creating too. Once you’ve completed it, you will have a personalised calendar to record your family and friends’ birth dates so you never forget them from year to year.

Each month has space for names to be written alongside the date. There is a different quote on each month’s page and an empty space in which you can do a mini 9x9cm layout.

The calendar includes the stand, 12 monthly printed birthday pages and 2 rings.