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CHRISTMAS: Class Notes

Layout and instructions by Michelle van Wyk @ Homespun Scrapbooking 

Some close up views:

  • 1 X 001 (dots)
  • 1 x 003 (check)
  • 2 x 004 (green doily)
  • 1 ½  x 005 (images)
  • ½  x 006 (dark green)
  • 1 x Red
  • 1 x Green
  • 21cm square of Red Handmade Paper 
  • 20cm x 30.5cm  of White Vellum
  • RM Designs ® Christmas 2012 laser cuts (Harp Swirl / Doily and Tis the Season)
  • 1mt of each Red / White / Green ribbons
  • Liquid pearls (white opal or color of choice) for inside of flowers
  • 14cm x 14cm (x1) (or you can use 4 photos of 7cm x 7cm
  • 10cm x 14cm portrait
  • 7cm x 10cm portrait (x2)

BACKGROUND:  004 (Green Doily)
  • Background:  OPTIONAL: Cut 0.5cm off the right side ONLY of both the sheets so the WIDTH is 30cm.  (This just helps to make your page easier to slide into your page protector.) Height remains 30.5cm.
PATTERN 001 (Dots)
  • 10cm x 30.5cm (x2)
PATTERN 003 (Check)
  • 13cm x 18cm (x1)
  • Remainder for the title
PATTERN 005 (images)
  • 3cm x 30.5cm strip (x1)
  • 14cm x 20cm (x1)
  • 16cm x 16cm (x1)
PATTERN 006 (Dark Green)
  • 4cm x 7cm (x3) corner round all 4 edges
  • 2.5cm x 30.5cm strip (x1)
  • 1.5cm x 30.5cm strip (x1)
  • 1 cm x 30.5cm strip (x1)
  • 11cm x 15cm photo mat (x1)
  • 4.5cm  x 7.5cm (x4) and corner round all 4 edges
  • Remainder to mat your title
  • 15cm x 15cm Photo mat (x1)
  • 8cm x 11cm Photo mat (x2)
  • Tear the 20cm strip in half horizontally to get two 10cm x 30.5cm strips

  • Background is your two 004 doily papers.  
  • Ink around the outer edges and place one side.
  • Using your red handmade paper , cut out the Flower templates (1 of each big template to create 1 big flower and 3 of each small flower to create 3 x small flowers.  
  • Ink each flower and adhere together (small over big). Then using your liquid pearls, create a small circle of dots around centre of each flower (as per example above).  
  • Set one side to dry while you assemble your layout.
  • Using your Title letters, mat them on red cardstock.  
  • Tie some ribbons around your “c”
  • Raise all the letters on foam dots and adhere to your two torn Vellum Strips.  (tears to the top of the strip)  This will be stuck along the bottom of your layout later.  
  • NOTE:  When you stick the vellum onto your layout, place your glue behind the lettering so you don’t see it through the vellum.

  • To create your ribbon strip along top of left page, a Adhere your 3cm strip of IMAGE paper 0.5cm from the top edge of the layout.   Now Stick your 1.5cm strip of RED CARDSTOCK ontop of this in the middle. Using a ruler, measure at 1.5cm intervals and punch a row of holes along the red strip.  Using your ribbons, tie these alternating between the colors along the strip.
  • Using your 10cm strip of DOT paper adhere this 8cm from the top of the page horizontally.
  • Adhere your 13cm x 18cm CHECK paper 4cm from top of page and 8cm from left edge
  • To the left of this adhere your 3 DARK GREEN corner rounded rectangles (4cm x 7cm) at angles. (Mat them on the matching red cardstock).  Using your ‘TIS THE SEASON laser cut, cut it into 3 words and adhere onto these three rectangles.  You can now add 3 mistletoe flowers as per example.
  • Mat your big GREEN photo mat onto the matching IMAGE paper. Raise this on foamcore and adhere to your layout about 5cm from top of page and 11cm from left edge.
  • Cut your DOILEY laser cut in half and adhere these to the right of this photo mat.
  • You can now adhere your first half of your title along the bottom of the layout.  Remember to glue behind the lettering so that the glue doesn’t show through the vellum.

  • Adhere your 14cm x 20cm IMAGE paper to the top left of the page giving about a 0.5cm border to the top and left of page.  Adhere your 11cm x 15cm RED CARDSTOCK photo mat to the bottom left of this paper also giving a small border.
  • Adhere your second 10cm strip of DOT paper to the far right of the layout about 0.5cm from right edge.
  • To the left of this adhere your 1cm strip of RED CARDSTOCK (also giving about a 0.5cm gap) and again to the left of this strip add your 2.5cm DARK GREEN paper strip also giving it a 0.5cm gap.
  • Use a small scrap of left over paper about 3cm x 5cm wide, punch 4 holes along strip and add some ribbons.  Tuck this behind the top right corner of one of your small GREEN CARDSTOCK photo mats.  Place these two photo mats along the DOT paper strip at an angle.
  • Adhere the second half of your title to the bottom of the layout
  • Finish the page by adding your beautiful HARP SWIRL lasercut with some more mistletoe flowers.

Enlarge to A4 size (biggest flower should be about 11.5cm wide)

Kindly note that template for the CHRISTMAS is too large to post here.  If you would like it kindly contact Michelle directly to email it to you @


Layout and Notes designed and created by Lisa Myburgh at

(click on above picture for bigger image)

Beach Collection 005 x 2
Beach Collection 004 x 1
Beach Collection 003 x 1
Beach Collection 001 x 1
Beach Collection 006 x 1
Beach Collection 002 x 1
Laser cut ‘down at the beach’
35 flat backed pearls
3m garden twine

Creamy Brown, brown or blue chalk
Foam tape / strips
Photo requirements : 6 photos 6cm x 6cm and 2 photos 11.5cm high x 8cm wide
Various adhesives

1.         Place the two pages of Beach Collection 005 side by side which forms the background of your layout.
2.         Cut Beach Collection 003 (stripe) 24.5cm wide x 24cm high and  chalk the edges.
3.         Cut 2.5cm off the top of Beach Collection 004.
4.         Cut 8 pieces of Beach Collection 001 7.5cm x 7.5cm and chalk the edges.
5.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out  7 pieces of Bunting Flags (alternating in pattern and colour), chalk and adhere foam tape.
6.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out  wavy boarder with dots, chalk and adhere foam tape.
7.         From Beach collection 002 cut 2 pieces 13cm high by 10cm wide and chalk the edges.
8.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out the 4 pennant flags, ie sea, sun, sand and ‘down at the beach’, chalk and adhere foam tape.
9.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out the two circle boarders (one large and one small), chalk and adhere foam tape to the larger circle boarder.
10.     From Beach Collection 006 cut out the white strip with the text “I hope you always have a …” and chalk.
11.     Adhere BC 003 5cm from the RHS and 3.5cm from the top of the background pages (005)
12.     Adhere BC004 1cm from the top and 3.5cm from the LHS of the background
13.     ½ cm from the RHS adhere the white text strip and then the wavy boarder with the dots on foam tape on the LHS
14.     Adhere BC 002 pieces 2cm from LHS of strip and 4cm from top of stripe adhere the next BC 002 piece with a 1cm gap in between.
15.     The 2.5cm strip cut off BC004 is adhered 1cm below the 2 pieces of BC 002 above.
16.     2.5cm and 5cm from the RHS, below BC 002 above adhere the small circle boarder
17.     Begin adhering the 8 pieces of BC001 4.5cm from the RHS of the BC004 and ½ cm from the top, working towards the LHS leave approximately .8cm gap in between the blocks
18.     Adhere the large circle boarder on foam tape on the far LHS of the layout approximately, 1.8cm from the LHS and slot the left over piece of stripe paper under, on the RHS of the boarder.
19.     In the first ‘empty block’ on the LHS of the layout adhere three of the pennant flags on foam tape and the fourth one is adhered to the last block on the bottom RHS of the ‘grid’.
20.     Cut equal lengths of ‘garden twine’ approximately 24cm long to crisscross the grid and adhere with wet adhesive.
21.     The “down at the beach” laser cut is adhered with foam under the shells on the blue strip of BC 004 just below the large photo mounts.
22.     The 7 bunting flags are mounted on foam tape and strung across the top RHS of the layout.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

LAYOUT SHARE: Under the Sea - Anneke Patrick

Anneke created this really fun and interesting layout using the new BEACHES collection by Scrap Collections.

Fantastic job Anneke.. thanks for sharing.

Close ups of elements used:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

HIPPY DREAM - Class Notes


·         1 X 001 (blue flowers)
·         1 x 002 (yellow hearts)
·         2 x 003 (stripes)
·         2 x 005 (yellow)
·         1 x 006 (blue )     
·         1 X Dark Brown
·         HIPPI DREAM laser cuts
·         10 x gold brads
·         1 meter of brown ricrac    
·         9cm x 13cm (x2) portrait
·         5cm x 7cm (x3) portrait
·         6cm x 7cm (x1) portrait
·         10cm x 11cm (x1) portrait



BACKGROUND:  005 (yellow)
  • Background:  OPTIONAL: Cut 0.5cm off the right side ONLY of both the sheets so the WIDTH is 30cm.  (This just helps to make your page easier to slide into your page protector.) Height remains 30.5cm.
 PATTERN 001 (blue flowers)
  • 6cm x 30.5cm (x1)
  • 11cm x 12cm (x1)
  • BANNER: 3cm wide x 4cm deep (x5)
 PATTERN 002 (yellow hearts)
  • Tags:  10cm x 12cm wide (x2)
  • Flower:  3cm x 30.5cm (x1)

  • 10cm x 14cm (x2)
  • 6cm x 8cm (x3)
  • 7cm x 8cm (x1)
  • 14cm x 14cm (x1)            
 PATTERN 003 (stripes)
  • Dark Purple stripe (cut stripe out and divide into two 30.5cm x 2cm strips and scallop one long edge of each)
  • Dark Purple stripe (off second sheet) – 4cm x 8cm tab tops (x2)
  • Light Purple stripe (cut strip out and divide into two 30.5cm x 2.5cm strips) . Deckle one strip with a scalloped edge.  The other strip use for your Banner pieces measuring 2.5cm x 5cm (x4).
  • Light Purple stripe (off second sheet) – 4cm x 8cm tab tops (x2)
  • Flower:  Yellow flower stripe (3rd from top) – 3cm x 30.5cm
 PATTERN 006 (blue)
  • 16cm x 30.5cm wide (use the patterned edge from bottom right – refer example)
  • Tags:  10cm x 12cm wide (x2)


  • Create a Pleated flower out of Your 3cm strip of pattern paper
  • Take your strip and score along length at about 3mm intervals
  • Fold the paper back and forth to get a Zig Zag effect
  • Adhere end pieces together (or staple) and lay flat to create a circle flower.
  • Add a scrap of paper behind and tape onto flower to hold it flat.


  • Use your one yellow sheet as your background.
  • Adhere your tabs to your tags using the brads.  Dark purple goes onto the blue tags and the light purple goes onto the yellow tags.
  • Using your two blue and one yellow tag, adhere these to the far right of this page.  Stagger them so they overlap slightly.
  • Measure 11cm from right edge of this left page and adhere your dark purple strip with the scalloped edge.
  • To the left of this add your Blue Flower strip.
  • To the far left of page adhere your light purple strip with the scalloped edge facing left
  • You can now adhere your 2 jumbo photo mats to the left of page so that you have about 1.5cm from left edge.
  • Add your 3 small photo mats to your tags as per example.
  • Add a flower to the top left of layout (after your photo has been stuck to your mat) and use some phrases from your left over sheet and a laser cut to finish it off)
  • Divide your corner Laser cut into two pieces and adhere the vertical piece to the right of your jumbo photo mats.

  • Adhere your 16cm strip of 006 Blue paper to the far left of page (about 0.5cm from edge – the purple pattern piece should face to the top left of page).  Using your ric rac adhere a strip down the left of this strip.
  • To the right of this strip adhere your final dark Purple scallop strip so the scallops face to the right.
  • Adhere your 14cm x 14cm dark brown cardstock 5.5cm from bottom and 1cm from right edge of page.
  • Adhere your 7cm x 8cm dark brown photo mat and your light purple tab to your final Yellow Tag and then adhere this so it faces to the left and is about 3cm from left of page ONTOP of your dark brown mat (tab measurement from left of page)
  • Now you can adhere your Dark Blue photo mat ontop of this Dark brown square (refer example so it just covers the right edge of your tag).
  • Using your Tabs cut triangles out the bottoms and adhere these to the top right of layout, Stagger the dark blues at the bottom and the light purple ones on the top.  Add your ric rac to finish off the banner strip.
  • Using your Laser cuts, adhere the frame to the top left of banner and the remaining piece of your corner Laser cut to the bottom of layout.  Add your final flower to the left of this piece with some more wording that you cut off your Striped paper.

Please share your creations with us so we may add them to our blog / facebook by emailing them to

SUMMER VACATION - Beaches Layout Share

This amazing layout was created by Amelia Lydenburg. 

How amazing is this range of papers.. that lighthouse and those little tags are fantastic.. Great job Amelia.. thank you so much for sharing !

We hope you are all inspired by this fantastic range of papers and are getting yours today to play as well !

Close ups of layout:

BEACHES Collection

Summer means sunshine, ice-cream and the beach. Our Beaches Collection was inspired by warm sea sand, bright blue sea, loads of sunshine and plenty of relaxation. The six papers will be beautiful to use for fun seaside photos of children and equally so for more dreamy sophisticated captures of scenery or portraits.

The collection includes a page you can cut up to make a bunting, tags and decorative strips - the only limit to the Beaches Collection is your creativity and imagination.

This is the fantastic range of diecuts that match this range of papers:

Remember to ask your local Scrapbook store to order directly from Lorna at Scrap Collections 


Please find below a print out sheet of elements you can use with your Christmas 2012 range of Scrap Collections papers and Laser cuts..

Just right click and save as... 

FIRST LOVE - Class Note - Hippy Chick

Layout and Instructions by Michele Craig

·         Place your blue 30cm strip with purple hearts 0.5mm from the top of the page.
·         Place your yellow 30cm strip with purple hearts 0.5mm from the bottom of the page.
·         Place your pattern 001 – (18.5cm x 26cm) 2mm from the bottom of the strip on the top page and right on the edge of the right hand side.
·         Place your 30cm yellow strip with purple hearts and flowers underneath this strip edge to edge of your background cardstock.
·         Place your 7cm x 26cm pattern underneath this.
·         Matt your 3 pattern squares onto your cardstock squares
·         The left over 3 cardstock squares must have foam core underneath and these will have your photos on.
·         Place your 6 squares down as shown on the photo.
·         Place your 3cm x 14cm pattern strip vertically down centred from the left hand side and the pattern.

·         Place your 2 – 10cm x 15cm portrait photos on the very left hand edge of the page. I sanded my photos.
·         Place your pattern 004 (18cm x 30cm) on the very right hand side of the page.
·         Your wording strip must have foam core behind it and will cover the left over space in between the photos and the pattern piece.
·         Place your cardstock (10.5cm x 26.5) 3cm from the bottom on your pattern piece side.
·         Then place down your 4cm pattern piece then your 12,5cm and then your 7cm pattern piece.
·         Place your lazer heart frame with photo on the blue section of the pattern paper and centre top and bottom.

·         I used the 3 heart lazer cut and put photos behind each heart.
·         I also used a heart lazer cut on the blue pattern to highlight the heart on the paper.
·         I used stickles on my hearts to give an extra effect.


Have a look at this fantastic layout created by Linda du Plessis using our Natural Beauty Collection.

This is about her Oupa and his Stoet Merinos..

Thank you Linda for sharing with us !