Saturday, December 29, 2012


Layout and Notes designed and created by Lisa Myburgh at

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Beach Collection 005 x 2
Beach Collection 004 x 1
Beach Collection 003 x 1
Beach Collection 001 x 1
Beach Collection 006 x 1
Beach Collection 002 x 1
Laser cut ‘down at the beach’
35 flat backed pearls
3m garden twine

Creamy Brown, brown or blue chalk
Foam tape / strips
Photo requirements : 6 photos 6cm x 6cm and 2 photos 11.5cm high x 8cm wide
Various adhesives

1.         Place the two pages of Beach Collection 005 side by side which forms the background of your layout.
2.         Cut Beach Collection 003 (stripe) 24.5cm wide x 24cm high and  chalk the edges.
3.         Cut 2.5cm off the top of Beach Collection 004.
4.         Cut 8 pieces of Beach Collection 001 7.5cm x 7.5cm and chalk the edges.
5.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out  7 pieces of Bunting Flags (alternating in pattern and colour), chalk and adhere foam tape.
6.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out  wavy boarder with dots, chalk and adhere foam tape.
7.         From Beach collection 002 cut 2 pieces 13cm high by 10cm wide and chalk the edges.
8.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out the 4 pennant flags, ie sea, sun, sand and ‘down at the beach’, chalk and adhere foam tape.
9.         From Beach Collection 006 cut out the two circle boarders (one large and one small), chalk and adhere foam tape to the larger circle boarder.
10.     From Beach Collection 006 cut out the white strip with the text “I hope you always have a …” and chalk.
11.     Adhere BC 003 5cm from the RHS and 3.5cm from the top of the background pages (005)
12.     Adhere BC004 1cm from the top and 3.5cm from the LHS of the background
13.     ½ cm from the RHS adhere the white text strip and then the wavy boarder with the dots on foam tape on the LHS
14.     Adhere BC 002 pieces 2cm from LHS of strip and 4cm from top of stripe adhere the next BC 002 piece with a 1cm gap in between.
15.     The 2.5cm strip cut off BC004 is adhered 1cm below the 2 pieces of BC 002 above.
16.     2.5cm and 5cm from the RHS, below BC 002 above adhere the small circle boarder
17.     Begin adhering the 8 pieces of BC001 4.5cm from the RHS of the BC004 and ½ cm from the top, working towards the LHS leave approximately .8cm gap in between the blocks
18.     Adhere the large circle boarder on foam tape on the far LHS of the layout approximately, 1.8cm from the LHS and slot the left over piece of stripe paper under, on the RHS of the boarder.
19.     In the first ‘empty block’ on the LHS of the layout adhere three of the pennant flags on foam tape and the fourth one is adhered to the last block on the bottom RHS of the ‘grid’.
20.     Cut equal lengths of ‘garden twine’ approximately 24cm long to crisscross the grid and adhere with wet adhesive.
21.     The “down at the beach” laser cut is adhered with foam under the shells on the blue strip of BC 004 just below the large photo mounts.
22.     The 7 bunting flags are mounted on foam tape and strung across the top RHS of the layout.