Friday, July 6, 2012

INDIGO Instructions: MY HERO

INDIGO  Collection

Layout designed by Michelle van Wyk
·         4 x Jumbo photos (landscape) and 1 x A5 photo (portrait)
o    (1 x  006, and 1 of each 003, 005, 008 and 007 for words)
·         1 x scrap of 12x12 paper for background (right page)
·         1 x brown cardstock
·         RM Designs matching diecuts for title MY HERO, cogs and clock
Sketch for placement:

Layout Placement:
Use a full sheet of 006 for your LEFT background.
1.       Mat a Jumbo photo (cropped smaller to 9 x 12cm) on brown and adhere to top left corner (add a small broken corner cut from scrap 002 to top left of photo)
2.       Cut a 16.5cm x 30.5cm strip of 005 and adhere along the right edge of page (leave about a 5mm gap on right side of page)
3.       Mat your A5 photo and mat on brown and adhere about 4cm from top so that it is centre on top of your blue strip of paper on right of page.
4.       Using your wording sheet  (007), cut out the quote (a truly rich man), raise on foam tape and adhere above your photo.
5.       PENNANT STRIP: 
o    Cut a strip of 002 measuring 2cm x 20cm.
o    Using papers 006 and 003, cut 3 small banners from each paper measuring 3cm wide x 4cm high.  Make into pennants.
o    Adhere these to your above strip and using a sewing machine sew them in place

o    Adhere this strip below your main photo
6.       Using your chipboard titles and cogs, adhere as per example to left of page

Use a sheet of 12x12 scrap paper for your right page.
7.       Firstly crop your 3 jumbo photos slights, sand the edges to reveal a white edge and then mat them all  onto ONE long strip (15cm x 30.5cm) of dark brown cardstock. 
8.       Adhere this long strip flush to the far left of your page.
9.       Create your Sunburst:

o    Measure where you want your sunburst to go on scrap paper.
o    Draw it out from a centre point
o    Number each piece
o    Cut out each piece and use them as templates.  Cut out each piece from a different piece of pattern paper.  You can decide which patterns work best for you.
o    Reassemble your pattern papers in sequence

§  Adhere your completed sunburst pieces to another piece of scrap paper (makes it easier if you are sewing them first).
§  Once they are all stuck down use a sewing machine and sew the pieces together. 
§  If you don’t sew them, you can stick it directly onto your layout and use ribbon, string, etc to hide where the pieces meet (or you can leave them as is)
10.   Once you have adhered your sunburst, cut a strip of 3cm x 30cm of 005 and adhere between the sunburst and your photo (to hide the untidy bits).  Stick a 1cm strip of 002 paper over the middle of this strip ( I used my sewing machine to zigzag over this strip before I stuck it down).
11.   Now you can add your Clock Diecut on foam tape.

Sit back and enjoy your layout !


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*Please note, the colours you see on your screen may not match the actual paper colors, as color settings vary from screen to screen.

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