Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LOVE AND WHIMSY class instructions


Layout designed by Michelle van Wyk

·         SCAP COLLECTIONS ® LOVE AND WHIMSY  (1 of each 001, 002 and 003)
·         2 x grey cardstock
·         1 x pink cardstock
·         RM Designs matching diecut hearts, frame, title and birds
·         White Half Pearls

Cut your papers as follows and adhere to background
·         2 x Love and Whimsy 001 at 26cm x 15cm each
·         2 x Love and Whimsy 002 at 26cm x 10cm each

  Create your Chevron Strip:
   Use 2 scraps of paper measuring 4cm x 30.5cm to stick your finished chevrons onto BEFORE you place onto your layout.  Lay next to each other to form a long 61cm strip to go over both pages. 

Cut through when you are finished your layout.
 Cut 17 strips of Love and Whimsy 002 measuring 3cm x 8cm wide

   Cut 17 strips of Love and Whimsy 003 measuring 3cm x 8cm wide

Line them up at 90 degrees with each other and cut through the middle (throw away small triangles) and alternate with next piece and cut through as per example above.
Adhere a row of 002 along top of your strip and the row of 003 along the bottom.

Once these are all stuck down you can now adhere this strip into the open gap between your pattern papers.

Layout Placement:
·         Mat a jumbo photo on Pink Cardstock and adhere to top left corner. (raise with foamcore if you wish)
·         Add  a portrait jumbo next to this along top of layout (tuck into your chevron at bottom )
·         Adhere 3 jumbo landscape photos along the bottom of layout, also tucked into your chevrons, you can cut them shorter by 2cm.
·         Mat another Jumbo photo onto Pink Cardstock and adhere to top right corner.
·         To the left of this place another portrait jumbo photo tucked into your chevrons.
·         Finish off layout with your Heart frame around your main photo and your extra hearts, titles and birds placed as per example.
·         I included a small quote printed on my left over pink cardstock to the Chevron strip.

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