Saturday, December 8, 2012

HIPPY DREAM - Class Notes


·         1 X 001 (blue flowers)
·         1 x 002 (yellow hearts)
·         2 x 003 (stripes)
·         2 x 005 (yellow)
·         1 x 006 (blue )     
·         1 X Dark Brown
·         HIPPI DREAM laser cuts
·         10 x gold brads
·         1 meter of brown ricrac    
·         9cm x 13cm (x2) portrait
·         5cm x 7cm (x3) portrait
·         6cm x 7cm (x1) portrait
·         10cm x 11cm (x1) portrait



BACKGROUND:  005 (yellow)
  • Background:  OPTIONAL: Cut 0.5cm off the right side ONLY of both the sheets so the WIDTH is 30cm.  (This just helps to make your page easier to slide into your page protector.) Height remains 30.5cm.
 PATTERN 001 (blue flowers)
  • 6cm x 30.5cm (x1)
  • 11cm x 12cm (x1)
  • BANNER: 3cm wide x 4cm deep (x5)
 PATTERN 002 (yellow hearts)
  • Tags:  10cm x 12cm wide (x2)
  • Flower:  3cm x 30.5cm (x1)

  • 10cm x 14cm (x2)
  • 6cm x 8cm (x3)
  • 7cm x 8cm (x1)
  • 14cm x 14cm (x1)            
 PATTERN 003 (stripes)
  • Dark Purple stripe (cut stripe out and divide into two 30.5cm x 2cm strips and scallop one long edge of each)
  • Dark Purple stripe (off second sheet) – 4cm x 8cm tab tops (x2)
  • Light Purple stripe (cut strip out and divide into two 30.5cm x 2.5cm strips) . Deckle one strip with a scalloped edge.  The other strip use for your Banner pieces measuring 2.5cm x 5cm (x4).
  • Light Purple stripe (off second sheet) – 4cm x 8cm tab tops (x2)
  • Flower:  Yellow flower stripe (3rd from top) – 3cm x 30.5cm
 PATTERN 006 (blue)
  • 16cm x 30.5cm wide (use the patterned edge from bottom right – refer example)
  • Tags:  10cm x 12cm wide (x2)


  • Create a Pleated flower out of Your 3cm strip of pattern paper
  • Take your strip and score along length at about 3mm intervals
  • Fold the paper back and forth to get a Zig Zag effect
  • Adhere end pieces together (or staple) and lay flat to create a circle flower.
  • Add a scrap of paper behind and tape onto flower to hold it flat.


  • Use your one yellow sheet as your background.
  • Adhere your tabs to your tags using the brads.  Dark purple goes onto the blue tags and the light purple goes onto the yellow tags.
  • Using your two blue and one yellow tag, adhere these to the far right of this page.  Stagger them so they overlap slightly.
  • Measure 11cm from right edge of this left page and adhere your dark purple strip with the scalloped edge.
  • To the left of this add your Blue Flower strip.
  • To the far left of page adhere your light purple strip with the scalloped edge facing left
  • You can now adhere your 2 jumbo photo mats to the left of page so that you have about 1.5cm from left edge.
  • Add your 3 small photo mats to your tags as per example.
  • Add a flower to the top left of layout (after your photo has been stuck to your mat) and use some phrases from your left over sheet and a laser cut to finish it off)
  • Divide your corner Laser cut into two pieces and adhere the vertical piece to the right of your jumbo photo mats.

  • Adhere your 16cm strip of 006 Blue paper to the far left of page (about 0.5cm from edge – the purple pattern piece should face to the top left of page).  Using your ric rac adhere a strip down the left of this strip.
  • To the right of this strip adhere your final dark Purple scallop strip so the scallops face to the right.
  • Adhere your 14cm x 14cm dark brown cardstock 5.5cm from bottom and 1cm from right edge of page.
  • Adhere your 7cm x 8cm dark brown photo mat and your light purple tab to your final Yellow Tag and then adhere this so it faces to the left and is about 3cm from left of page ONTOP of your dark brown mat (tab measurement from left of page)
  • Now you can adhere your Dark Blue photo mat ontop of this Dark brown square (refer example so it just covers the right edge of your tag).
  • Using your Tabs cut triangles out the bottoms and adhere these to the top right of layout, Stagger the dark blues at the bottom and the light purple ones on the top.  Add your ric rac to finish off the banner strip.
  • Using your Laser cuts, adhere the frame to the top left of banner and the remaining piece of your corner Laser cut to the bottom of layout.  Add your final flower to the left of this piece with some more wording that you cut off your Striped paper.

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