Saturday, December 8, 2012

FIRST LOVE - Class Note - Hippy Chick

Layout and Instructions by Michele Craig

·         Place your blue 30cm strip with purple hearts 0.5mm from the top of the page.
·         Place your yellow 30cm strip with purple hearts 0.5mm from the bottom of the page.
·         Place your pattern 001 – (18.5cm x 26cm) 2mm from the bottom of the strip on the top page and right on the edge of the right hand side.
·         Place your 30cm yellow strip with purple hearts and flowers underneath this strip edge to edge of your background cardstock.
·         Place your 7cm x 26cm pattern underneath this.
·         Matt your 3 pattern squares onto your cardstock squares
·         The left over 3 cardstock squares must have foam core underneath and these will have your photos on.
·         Place your 6 squares down as shown on the photo.
·         Place your 3cm x 14cm pattern strip vertically down centred from the left hand side and the pattern.

·         Place your 2 – 10cm x 15cm portrait photos on the very left hand edge of the page. I sanded my photos.
·         Place your pattern 004 (18cm x 30cm) on the very right hand side of the page.
·         Your wording strip must have foam core behind it and will cover the left over space in between the photos and the pattern piece.
·         Place your cardstock (10.5cm x 26.5) 3cm from the bottom on your pattern piece side.
·         Then place down your 4cm pattern piece then your 12,5cm and then your 7cm pattern piece.
·         Place your lazer heart frame with photo on the blue section of the pattern paper and centre top and bottom.

·         I used the 3 heart lazer cut and put photos behind each heart.
·         I also used a heart lazer cut on the blue pattern to highlight the heart on the paper.
·         I used stickles on my hearts to give an extra effect.

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